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Most Expensive Elements On The Planet

Francium - If you want to buy a gram of francium, you need to pay at least a billion dollars. Although, even if you had that kind of cash laying around, you probably wouldn't be able to get your hands on this material. In fact, one gram of francium has never been observed. Because the half-life of this element is about 22 minutes, which means any viewable quantity of the element would immediately vaporize. But it is assumed that francium would appear as a highly reactive metal. The largest amount of this element that has ever been produced in the laboratory was a cluster of more than 300,000 atoms. Realistically, nobody would be willing to pay billions of dollars for something that will disappear within minutes ans has no practical use whatsoever.

Californium - Californium is radioactive element that doesn't occur naturally on earth. The estimated cost of one gram of californium is about $27 million, which make perfect sense considering the fact that the global production of ca…

Perfect Indoor Gardening System - OGarden Smart

OGarden Smart is the future of indoor gardening. Ogarden Smart is an indoor gardening system that allows you to grow fresh produce at home. Unlike most indoor gardening systems Ogarden Smart can grow up to 90 fruits and vegetables simultaneously.

Significantly supplementing your grocery shopping in a way that no other indoor gardening system has done before. And since its indoors you never have to worry about the weather affecting what you grow or when you grow it. Get perfect fruits and vegetables all year round.

Ogarden Smart is easy to use, simply place your seeds and growing cups in the nursery cabinet below. when the seeds sprout transfer them to the wheel. There they'll grow large enough to harvest. The rotating wheel keeps your roots moist and can host up to 60 plants.

While the nursery cabinet below can hold up to 30 plants giving you a constant rotation of 30 crops at all times. The automatic low energy consumption LEDs  simulate the perfect amount of sunshine and the au…

GoDonut - Worlds Most Portable and Universal Stand For Tabs And Smartphones

GoDonut is a new light weight and portable device stand that allows smartphone and tablet users to enjoy total hands free use their devices anywhere. GoDonut is designed to be used for all major phones and tablets and comes in variety and exciting of colours.

The stand requires no installation and it is used by inserting the device into of its slots. There are multiple angles to place the device in, so you can have the ultimate unique experience. It is small enough for travel and also perfect accessory to take with you, wherever you may Go!

GoDonut is perfect to use while studying, cooking, watching movies and much more. It is strong, durable, waterproof and comes in a wide array of colors and designs. GoDonut has a unique 360 degree turn which makes it possible to view your phone in the right position.

Ironpeak - Stylish Sports Sunglasses

Just wear it and create a new routine with the most effective and high quality wearable sunglasses Ironpeak. When your smartphone is connected Ironpeak you can check sounds around you and listen to the music at high quality.

Moreover offering the most comfortable dish using next generation lens. In order to respond to various kinds of environments Ironpeak  offers various types of NXT lenses. Ironpeak RX lenses guarantee same meterial as NXT sun lenses providing a wide range of visual field unbreakable for life and comfort as daily prescription.

Considering how we solve the built in battery issue that only lasts less than four hours usually on current market, enjoy our replacement battery pack and charger. Once the battery and charger are fully charged you can use it more than 20 hours with replacement.

Ironpeak also provides the function that users can easily talk on the phone while they are exercising. Ironpeak is designed for daily and sports at the same time, but tend to be more s…

SolarCru - Ultra Slim Solar Panel

Meet SolarCru the smallest and lightest foldable solar panel charger. Charge your device with solar energy efficiently. The highly sensitive panels can charge even in the shade. Charge your cell phones, power banks, speakers or earbuds. Add more panels to have more power.

SolarCru is small and slim only one tenth of an inch. You can also fold your solar panel and easily fit it in bag or your jacket pocket. It weighs in at about 0.52 lbs without battery and 0.7 lbs with battery. It measures merely 2.9 x 9.6 x1.2 inches when unfolded.

Magnetic clasp protection binds the rolled-up panels together in order to avoid wear and tear. You can simply hook it onto your back.SolarCru is made of durable scratch resistant material. No need to worry about water on the panels as SolarCru is also water resistance. SolarCru welcome to the solar world.

Redkey USB - Wipe All Computer Data Securely And Permanently

We're now in a world where most homes and businesses rely on computers. So what should we do when it's time to sell or recycle your old equipment, because nobody wants personal info to be dug up on their old PC right and simply hitting delete or resetting doesn't guarantee your data is actually gone.

But relax Redkey USB is the solution you need to wipe any computer 100 percent safely and securely. It looks like an ordinary USB stick but it's completely different it's designed to erase data not store it.

Simply plug into your computer before startup and initiate the white with the easy to use system that's embedded into the key. Stop worrying that old PC or Mac that's taking up valuable space. Order a Redkey USB now and your data will truly be gone forever.

With Redkey you can properly remove spyware, virus, trojan, malware and also you can speed up a slow PC by wiping clean and starting fresh. The end result is a clean computer, cleared of all data that m…

A Climbing Robot

Scientists designed a soft robot that can curl and climb, just like plant tendrils. The soft robot is made of a flexible PET tube, containing a liquid with electrically charged particles (ions). By using a 1.3 Volt battery these particles are attracted and immobilised on the surface of flexible electrodes at the bottom of the tendril.

Their movement causes the movement of the liquid, whence that one of the robot. To go back, it is enough to disconnect the electric wires from the battery and join them. The possibility of exploiting osmosis to activate reversible movements has been demonstrated for the first time.

Possible applications will range from wearable technologies to the development of flexible robotic arms for exploration. Plants have associated their movement to growth, and continuously adapt their morphology to external environment.