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Robots and Machines That Revolutionized The Agriculture Industry

FarmBot: This open source CNC farming machine lets you have a fully automated garden in your backyard.

FFRobotics: Fruit-picking can be cost effective and bruise free thanks to this robotic hand.

See&Spray: This machine uses AI and image recognition software to identify weeds and make precise spraying.

Ladybird: This solar electric powered vehicle drives autonomously and collects data from across the farm to increase productivity.

Ecorobotix: This four wheeled weed killing robot uses 20 times less herbicide than conventional methods.

Swadro 2000: The giant center delivery rake can cover up to 20 hectares per hour.

Study 2020: This 20 row harvester attachment can greatly maximize adequate working width.

Dewulf GBC: This 1 row trailed harvester is perfect for lifting carrots, turnips and red beets.

CNH Industrial: This concept autonomous tractor is truly independent and driverless.

Arcusin: This automatic bale loader helps fasten the process of filed cleaning and lorry loading.

Oxbo 6420: Th…

India’s First Convertible Stadium In Ahmedabad

Ever heard of a convertible stadium? India just got one. A 9 acre outdoor transtadium in Ahmedabad can be converted into an indoor one in more than 6 minutes with just the press of a button. The stadium can seat up to 20,000 individuals and can conduct 14 different sport activities.

The stadium does not offer cricketing facilities in a bid to encourage other sports to come up. The kabaddi world cup tournament on 7th october was the stadium's first ever event. Plans to bring a similar model to cities like Bangalore and jaipur are in the pipeline. Sheltering sports under one convertible roof.

The Grand Canyon of India - Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh

This is the majestic Gandikota Canyon. A 300 feet deep valley located in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh. It is believed to be more than a 1000 years old and was formed by the pennar river cutting through it. It is often compared to America's Grand Canyon for its breathtaking beauty.

The canyon is also known for the 13th century Gandikota Fort, an intricately carved citadel made of red sandstone. A trip to Gandikota is incomplete without a hike all the way up to. The top of the gorge for the view of the Pennar river. Would you like to make a weekend trip to Gandikota?

World's First Urban Maze Launched In Dubai

Dubai gets world's first urban maze! Find your way out of this maze at Jumble at AI Barsha, Sheikh Road. Spread across two massive floors, this mind boggling maze is a real test of your skills. Enter, register and receive wrist bands that unlock rooms and tracks your progress.

Use your physical, mental and problem solving skill to progress from room to room. Each challenge is designed to build confidence and aid personal development. have your scores stored every time you visit the venue, even with a different group.

Open daily from 10 am to 10 PM, take up group challenges for 3 to 6 members. Pay just AED 155 per person for a 2 hour session and AED 199 for 4 hours.

Andamans Mud Volcano

Located just 100 kilometres from the city of Port Blair. Lies the only live mud volcano in the whole of India called 'Jalki' by the locals. The mud volcano is one of the main tourist attractions for visitors travelling to the Andaman Island. But it is not an easy journey to witness this natural phenomenon. It takes at least a day of travel through the Jarwan Tribal reserve and across the sea at Baratang Jetty. Which is then followed by a 20 minute journey by road.

A mud volcano is created by natural gases emitted by underground decaying organic matter as the mud is pushed upwards by the gas. It hardens above the ground making it spill out over the edge as it grows in size. They are known to erupt in irregular intervals. The last one in 2005 is believed to have been caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

Reusable Straw Fits On A Keyring - FinalStraw

This is a reusable straw called FinalStraw. It's a foldable metal straw which flips out when you neet it. Billions of plastic straws are made every year, but FinalStraw hopes to reduce this. The straw has a recycled plastic case which comes in four colors.The case can be easily attached to your keys which is just over an inch wide.

The straws are made from stainless steel and its soft end tips make them safe for children. The whole product weighs just 2.8 ounces. The straw can be cleaned easily and comes with a cleaning squeegee. This is pulled through the straw to remove bits. The squeegee also fits in the case. Each straw comes with a lifetime guarantee which cost $30 each. Would you use Final Straw?

Dubai Gurdwara Entered Guinness World Records

This Gurudwara in Dubai has entered Guinness World Records. Guru Nanak Darbar in Jebel Ali served meals to 600+ people from 101 nationalities creating history and a Guinness Record. The Langar - Sikh community's free kitchen service serves delicious food free of cost!

Every visitor is served a veg meal, made in the community kitchen, 3 times a day. The weekly grocery list of the langar includes 1,000 kg rice, 1,000 lentil, 1,000 kg vegetables, 1,500 of wheat. The kitchen opens at 4.30 pm daily and runs till around 10.30 pm.

Visitors need to respect the dress code, take their shoes off and use a headscarf. The Gurdwara is the spiritual home to the 50,000 Sikh residents of Dubai. Sheikh Mhd Bin Rashid AI Makhtoum, VP and PM of UAE gave the land free. Built over 100,000 sq.ft, it took 3 years and AED 65 mn to complete. It is also the largest Gurudwara of the Gulf region.

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