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RedBus Promo Codes - Only On PhonePe

Up to 15% Off* maximum ₹100 on redBus booking only on Apps on PhonePe.  Use Promo Code: CRICKET
OR Up to 15% redbus Cashback maximum ₹150 on redBus booking only on Apps on PhonePe.  Use Promo Code: RCC
Minimum transaction value to avail the offer is ₹200. Offer is valid from 26th June 2019 to 4th July, 2019. This offer will be applicable on bus booking made on “redBus” offering available under “Apps” section on PhonePe app. Cashback is Redbus Cashback and will be credited post travel as per RedBus terms & conditions. Payment to be made through Wallet, UPI, Debit Card or Credit Card.

To avail This Offer Do the Following
On your PhonePe app, click on “Apps” icon and select redBus. Choose your source, destination and date of travel and select an operator. Select a seat for your journey and enter passenger details. Enter the Coupon code CRICKET/ RCC on the booking review screen. Pick the payment option to confirm the booking. 
Note: in case you hold a wallet balance, it will be autom…

1000 Rupees Cashback On Your Friends First Money Transfer - PhonePe

Referrer will receive a scratch card up to ₹1000, when the referred user does their first money transfer through UPI on PhonePe for the first time. A referred friend is a user who has installed the PhonePe app after clicking on the referral link of the referrer. 

Referred friend must do their first ever money transfer to a PhonePe user using phone number or a person with a BHIM UPI ID. Minimum value o fthe money transfer must be ₹100. First ever money transfer must not be to a non PhonePe BHIM UPI ID.
Referred friend must complete their first ever money transfer within 15 days of signing up on PhonePe using he referral link. Offer is valid from 30th April, 2019 to 31st July, 2019.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review

The new OnePlus 7 Pro has gorgeous, notchless screen, cool hardware, and smart software features. From the front, the phone almost looks like a Samsung, until you realize there's no notch, just a lot of screen. The 16 MP selfie camera pops up from a little cutout on the top of the phone.

The big innovation here is the 90HZ refresh rate - The OnePlus 7 displays 1.5 frames for every one frame most other phones do. OnePlus oxygen OS remains one of the smartest and smoothest Android skins out there.

The three rear cameras include a 48 Megapixel sensor with F/1.6 lens, an 8 megapixel 3X telephoto, and a 16- Megapixel wide angle. With a large 4,000 MAH battery, the 7 Pro takes a long time to drain. The OnePlus 7 Pro is compatible with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, but is only sold by T-Mobile on the carrier end.

How To Slow Google Sensorvault From Tracking Your Location

A New York Time report revealed that Google, which is not only tracking you via the Maps, is potentially turning over your location data to law enforcement from its database called Google Sensor Vault. A 2018 Associated Press investigation reported that even if you manually disable Google Location History, Google Maps and other apps may retain data about your whereabouts.

Even when Location History is toggled off, AP discovered, actions like searching for something in your browser, checking automatic weather updates and opening Google Maps will record your location.

Venture into Settings, then tap Google > Google Account > Data & personalization. Now tap Web & App Activity and toggle the setting off.

The NYT report said Police, in the US, have used information from the search giant's Sensor Vault database to aid in criminal cases across the country. Law enforcement can get "geofence" warrants seeking location data. Those kinds of requests have spiked in th…

Illegal Downloads Of Game Of Thrones Probably Contain Malware

While the most-awaited season 8 of Game Of Thrones kicks off today in India, users would be care while downloading illegal torrents of the Hugely popular TV show as cyber criminals are targeting users with malware disguised as torrent, according to Kaspersky Labs

Game Of Thrones or GoT is the world's most torrented television show, according to download monitoring website TorrentFreak. While the show had no new episodes in 2018, it still accounted for 17% of all infected pirated content, with 20,934 attacked users.

The researchers found that the malware distributors focused on targeting the first and the last episode of each season, with the launch episode the most actively used. The season 7 finale was being shared across more than 4 lakh torrents simultaneously, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

How To Cut Down On Phone Use

Are you nomophobic? It means you Fear or worry at the idea of being without your mobile phone or unable to use it. However, if you're looking at ways to cut down on your phone use, here's a list that can help you do so.

Keep Your Phone Out Of The Bedroom :  It's well known that the blue light emitting from the screen can disturb your sleep. Yet, people use phones as an alarm clock to keep it besides them. Buy an alarm clock.

Practice Intentionality : Most of the time, people just keep on aimlessly scrolling their phones. Stop and rethink before you pick up your phone.

Control Your Notifications : The constant urge to check your phone for notifications can be greatly cut down if you tweak your phone's notification settings to only alert for important things.

Limit Your Screen Time : The newest versions of Android and ios have features that track your screen time, offering weekly reports on how often you pick up your phone, how many hours you use it for each day and whi…

Top 7 Best Productivity Apps

In our daily lives, work consume a significant portion of our day. So, to look for solutions that help us save time is always a bonus. Here are a few of the best productivity app currently available.

WUNDERLIST : Despite an endless to-do list apps around, Wunderlist will be our first pick as it quite user friendly and it supports a wide variety of platforms.

TeamViewer : The best app for remote access and what's more it's free.

Evernote :  Needs no explanation. It's the app to take down notes. Plus, it provides a powerful search as well option to sync with multiple devices.

Trello : If you're collaborating on a project, then is the go to app thanks to its huge array of collaboration tools. Also, it is quite user friendly.

Pocket : This app allows you to bookmark the link that you find cool so that you can revisit it in your free time.

LastPass : If you don't use a Password Manager yet, then install the app right now to secure your digital life.

G-Suite : Well, G-Suite a …