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Honour 10 Lite - 24MP AI Selfie In Style

Honour 10 Lite features Gradient design, EMUI 9.0. This phone will be fashion icon which you can hold in the palm of your hand. The HONOR 10 Lite features an industry-leading dewdrop notch display1. With an impressive 90%+ screen-to-body ratio, a 6.21-inch display now fits within a 5.2-inch body, allowing for better viewing experience and a more comfortable grip.

The 24MP front camera, combined with a 4-in-1 light fusion technology and exposure compensation technology, offers a superior selfie experience in both day and night lighting.The AI front camera recognizes eight selfie scenarios and even optimizes the background of the photo so you always stand out.

The new AI beauty algorithm can customize beauty effects based on your age, gender and skin tone, allowing for a stunning yet natural look.

Enabled by AI technology, stereoscopic portrait can be achieved through various photography lightings such as butterfly lighting and soft lighting. Simple to take a studio-level selfie at your…

40 Things To Know About Taylor Swift

1. Her first hobby was English Horse Riding and she competed in horse shows.

2. Taylor is the first country singer to win an MTV video music award. Her video "You belong with me" won the best female video award in 2009.

3. At the age of 11, she won a local talent competition by singing a rendition of Leann rimes "Big Deal".

4. She spent her childhood on an 11 acre Christmas tree farm.

5. She was born on December 13 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. The exact time she was born is 5.17 a.m.

6. Taylor was born with the name "Taylor Alison Swift". She was named after James Taylor.

7. Her parents are Scott and Andrea Swift.

8. Taylor Swift is so successful that she has won 11 American Music Awards, 7 Grammy awards, and 6 Country Music Association Awards.

9. She is terrified of snakes and spiders.

10. Her favorite food is cheesecake.

11. She attended school at West Reading elementary center and Wyomissing area junior/senior high school.

12. Her hair color is blon…

Travel By Bubble - Make Our Cities Flow Again

French Engineers want to solve congestion with electric hydrofoils. This is the bubble from French startup Seabubbles. Seabubbles slogan is "let's make our cities flow again". SeaBubbles calls this an on demand urban mobility system.

The Bubble is powered by two electric motors that use hydrodynamic lift to push the hull above the water. It can travel up to 17 miles per hour. A bubble is about the size of car and can fit up to four passengers. The bubble charges at docking stations that would be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Seabubble has already tested its taxi in Paris and Geneva and is planning an autonomous bubble for next year. The company's plan is to reach 50 cities by 2023.

Underwater Sculpture Garden In Gili Meno

Snorkel through this underwater sculpture garden in Gili Meno, Indonesia. It's called Nest by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. It features 48 life size humans submerged in water. Here's how to find it.

The sculpture is accessible from the beach at BASK resort on Gili Meno island. And it's just 13 feet below the water. Jason deCaires Taylor's inspiration comes from the circle of life which explains the circular formation of the figures.

Real people were used to make the casts, but there's more to it. The sculpture was made to help save Indonesia's disappearing reefs. Over time, a reef will grow on the statues, igniting new life. Each figure is made of a pH-neutral, environmental grade concrete.

The sculpture turned reef will help preserve Indonesia's ocean ecosystem. Taylor's work can be found in the Caribbean, the Canary islands and even in the River Thames.

Global Water Supply Shrinking

Climate change will drive our water supplies to shrink due to drying soils and generate intense rain. A study warned drought-like conditions will be normal soon. Data from 43,000 rainfall stations and 5,300 river monitoring sites in 160 countries were relied on for the study.

Rivers drying faster as they are now drier and soak up more rain and less water flows Less water into our rivers means less water for cities and farms. Drier soils means farmers need more water to grow the same crops.

Worse, this pattern is repeated all over the world. For every 100 raindrops that fall on land, only 36 drops are 'blue water'- rainfall entering lakes, rivers and aquifers. This is all the water extracted for human needs. The remaining two thirds of rainfall is mostly retained as soil moisture.

Top 5 Mobile Games

2018 was the years when mobile gaming finally took off in India. With cheap data and capable entry-level smartphone readily available, a new community has emerged from the shadows transforming the dynamics of mobile gaming. The factors mentioned above as well as greater time flexibility in tier-Il and smaller cities helped the trend grow further.

1. PUBG Mobile: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds short of PUBG, is an online free-to-play multiplayer
battle game that has gathered millions of users breaking all the records

2. Fortnite: Similar to PUBG, the online survival and battle royale game has also been a smash hit in 2018.

3. Asphalt 9 : Released in July 2018, this racing game, which can be played iOS, Android and windows 10, allows players take part in competitions to fight against other players times.

4. Pokemon Go : Pokemon Go, which became a viral hit, packs a lot of nostalgia and takes the new adults to a trip down the memory. The player, in augmented reality, has to capture mysti…

Google Removes 22 Apps From Play Store

Google, in a bid to keep its play store clean, recently removed 22 apps which showed malicious behaviour. According to Ars Technica, these apps were downloaded over two million times.

The 22 apps included Sparkle Flashlight, a flashlight app that was downloaded close to a million times after it was made available a year ago. These apps included "device-draining backdoor" from the beginning that helped them to download files from a server that was controlled by an attacker, without any knowledge of the user.

All the 22 malicious apps were removed from Google in the last few days of November. These apps apparently clicked on fraudulent ads without the knowledge of the user were active even after force closed.

In a statement, Google said it takes "Deceptive and malicious behaviour" on the platform very seriously. The statement was released after Google removed CM file manager and Kika Keyboard apps from play store for deceptive behaviour.

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