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World's Longest Suspension Footbridge

This suspension footbridge in Randa, Switzerland, is the longest one in the world. The bridge spans 1620 feet in length and its highest point is 279 feet above the ground. It opened to the public on July 29, 2017.

The bridge is a two hour hike from Randa and a six hour hike from Grachen or Zermatt.Those with a fear of heights need not apply. The valley below is visible through the bridge's grated floor, which is only two feet wide!

Superhuman Muscles Soon

Scientists have designed carbon fibre based artificial muscles that can lit up to 12,600 times their own weight.

Composition - Coils comprised of commercial carbon fibres and reinforced siloxane rubber (polydimethylsiloxane).

Charged By Electricity

When electrically actuated, the artificial muscles show excellent performance without requiring a high input voltage, according to the study published in the journal Smart Materials and Structures. 0.4 millimetre (mm) diameter muscle bundle is able to lift half a gallon of water by 1.4 inches with only 0.172 volt/centimetre (V/cm) applied voltage. The team transformed carbon fibres, a very strong lightweight material which is commercially available, into artificial muscles.

Low cost and light weight artificial muscles can be used for RoboticsProstheticsOrthoticsHuman assistive devices

Run In Flip Flops - iGUANEYE Jungle

These shoes are an upgrade on flip flops which are perfect for the beach and they won't fall off! Creators say it feels like you're walking barefoot and they are called iGUANEYE Jungle. Portuguese company iGUANEYE make the shoe.

The shoe is made of flexible rubber and the design wraps around the big toe and heel. This creates a secure hold on your foot. THe design is inspired by the Amazonian Indians. There are two different versions, the light and waterproof "Jungle LIGHT" and the stronger and flexible "Jungle LUX". 
They are available in sizes up to 10.5 (UK). The shoes have been successfully crowdfunded and you can buy a pair on Indiegogo. Prices start at $59

Helio Portable Solar Power

This portable bank powers your adventures with solar. Helio is a rugged device that collects energy from the sun wherever you go. It has a built in light if you need a flashlight or it can charge up any dying device! Helio is ideal for long outdoor treks when power isn't available.

It's perfect to have ready in case of a natural disaster like a hurricane. What's awesome about Helio is that 100% of profits help others. Helio's mission is to give light and power to those who need it most. Could this little device help change the world?

Authentic And Tasty Poha At Keshav Poha Wala

This Poha Stall in Nagpur sells over 200 plates of poha in one hour. Keshav Poha Wala at Dev Nagar is known for his authentic and tasty poha. Running since 40 years, Keshav mankar and brothers are the proud owners. Tarri Poha is the highest selling dish and comes with various toppings to choose from.

Tarri is the spicy floating oil on chana gravy, which is what makes it unique. Saoji channa tarri on poha costs Rs 25. Mixed with channa tarri and sprinkled with chivda, sev, onions, lemon juice and masala. It's as authentic as it gets and really pocket friendly. You can't be called a true Nagpurite if you haven't tasted Tarri Poha.

Importance of Earth's Magnetosphere

Here's why we're not all on fire right now. Earth's Magnetosphere is big bubble of magnetism that surrounds our planet and protects us from the fiery sun. The magnetosphere deflects most of the charged particles in the sun's solar winds. This preserves the earth's protective layers, like ozone which shields us from ultraviolet radiation.

Without the magnetosphere earth would look  a lot like Mars. The red planet lost most of its magnetosphere about 4.2 billion years ago. The solar winds are thought to have stripped away most of its atmosphere making mars the stark, barren planet it is today.

Understanding our magnetosphere may someday help us predict space weather. Extreme space weather can disrupt communication networks, GPS navigation and electrical power grids.

UNESCO : Villa Romana del Casale

This luxurious estate in the Sicilian countryside dates back to the late Roman empire. Built between the 3rd and 4th century, it remains on of the most valuable historical and artistic sites connected to the late Imperial age. It has survived earthquakes, floods, fires, and the fall of the empire with its impressive collection of mosaics intact.

The building has an intricate layout with more than 50 rooms and a sumptuous bath complex. A mudslide in the 12th century preserved the mosaics adorning nearly every room. The site was rediscovered and excavated beginning in the 19th century, uncovering more than 37,000 square feet of mosaic flooring, as well as wall mosaics, statues, and other decorative elements.

A restoration of the mosaics and murals was completed in 2012, and the site remains one of the finest collections of Roman tile work in the world. Today, the site is open to visitors who come to explore its architectural and artistic legacy, and has become on of the most famous tou…

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