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American Chicken Export To Effect Indian Poultry Industry

The govt has made specific changes in the requirement for health certification of poultry products from US. It will now be easier for American poultry products (chicken legs) to enter the Indian market. This could affect the Indian poultry industry, since American chicken legs are cheaper in comparison.

US will strip the Indian poultry industry off of 40% profit. Earlier, India had kept restrictions to keep diseases like flu in check. In 2015, WTO ruled the restrictions unauthentic and unscientific and asked them to be removed. In 2016, the Animal Husbandry Dept amended rules further after US threatened India with penalty.

American companies export chicken legs to other countries since Americans prefer chicken breast and while meat. While for consumers in India chicken legs might get cheaper, this will be a blow to the poultry industry.

Halio Smart Windows - The Future of Homes and Offices

In the future, offices and homes could all have smart windows. Halio is exactly this, a digitally programmable window. A wall mounted control or an app lets users dial in preferences like tint. Instantly, the windows will change darkness which gives users the ability to match their preferences, for natural light and privacy with incredible precision.

Halio can even automatically adjust tint with the time of day. The whole thing is as simple to use as a light switch. Halio's designers claim this tech will one day replace curtains or at least it will make windows treatments a stylistic choice, rather than a necessity for privacy and darkness. Could Halio be a staple design choice for homes and offices of the future?

Most Lavish Kardashian Gifts

11 of the most lavish gifts the Kardashians have given.The famous fam is known for their extravagant displays of affection. Here are some of their best:

Kanye's Valentine's Day flower wall for kim. Kim documented the Valentine's Day surprise wall made of roses and orchids.

Kylie Jenner's Bentley for Tyga. After the rapper's car was reportedly repossessed, Kylie gifted him this Bentley.

Tyga's Ferrari for Kylie. The former couple loved cars, because Tyga also gave Kylie a Ferrari for her 18th birthday.

Kri's Birkin for Kylie. But Kylie also got a Birkin from her mother Kris on that same birthday. Kri's Marilyn Monroe Prints.

In 2016, Kris Jenner gave Khloe two original prints, signed by the photographers.

Kendall's science package for North. Kendall gave her little niece, North, a science book for her birthday.

Kanye's engagement ring for Kim. kanye popped the question with a $4.5 million dollar ring. Kim rented out the Staples Center for Kanye&…

Royal Family's Rules for Eating

The royal fam has some insane eating habits. Former royal chef, Darren McGrady gave us all the details. hey used to lie to the Queen Mother about what time dinner was because she was always late. "They used to tell her that dinner was at 8:15.. and they told everyone else 8:30," explains McGrady.

Princess Diana refused to eat red meat. "The only red meat she would eat was lamb and that was even when she was entertaining." Princess Diana secretly ate the low fat version of the meals her guests were enjoying. When President Reagan came to visit, he ate mousse made with mayo and sour cream. THe Princess had the fat free version, but no one knew the difference.

Prince harry and prince william loved fast food. "They were Royal princes but had children's plates."

Princess Diana was on a very strict diet while she recovered strict diet while she recovered from bulimia. "One day she said to me, 'Darren i want you to take care of all the fats and i&#…

Paint Mixing Device - Picolor

This device can create any color of paint, right in your home. Picolor contains cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white pigments and these can be mixed to create 1,000,000+ distinct paint colors. The color of your choice can be selected with the Picolor app which is available for IOS and Android and you are done. Just send, mix, fill and paint

The paints can be used with a brush and they can also be used to fill markers for longer term use. The Picolor team is optimizing their prototype to work with oils, watercolors, nail polish, cosmetics, pen ink, and even car paint for scratches and chips. Early bird rewards are still available on Kickstarter including your own Picolor for $129. Your Picolor will ship in Q4 2018

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet - Made Just For Kids

Finding the right tablet for kids can be hard but now Amazon Kids Tablet Edition is the only one that includes everything you're looking for. It has tons of storage and a long battery life which is awesome. It comes with two year worry free guarantee. So if it breaks you can just send it to Amazon and replace it for free and no questions asked.
Parents can set time limit for their kids each activity with Amazon Free Time. The tablet comes with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a Kid-Proof Case. Fire HD 8 Kids tablet comes with over 15,000 books, themes, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games. 

Parents can see what their kids discovered on Parent Dashboard so they can talk about it together. This kids edition tablet is more than just a tablet. Smart filters can be used to customize what their kids can see like age appropriate content.

Amazon Key - Keyless Entry, Guest Access and In-Home Delivery

Prime members can now take convenience one step further with free in home delivery from Amazon Key. With Amazon key just shop on Amazon and select the in-home delivery option at checkout. We'll notify you when the delivery is about to happen. If your plans have changed just let us know and we'll leave it on your doorstep. 

Amazon will authorize the delivery and unlock your door so your package can be placed just inside. You can watch the delivery live or see a video of it later. We'll notify you once the delivery is complete and your doors relocked and you can enjoy the moments you don't want to miss.
 To get started purchase the Amazon key in home kit which includes the Amazon Cloud cam indoor security camera and a compatible smart lock for secure worry free access. Then download the Amazon Key App and install the kit yourself or have it installed by a pro. Now your important Amazon packages will be waiting inside your home. 
You can also grant guests access to the p…

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