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BioLite HeadLamp - Wildly Capable and Simply Comfortable

BioLite has redesigned a classic outdoor wearable and see it in a whole new light. Introducing the BioLite HeadLamp and ultra thin 330 Lumen USB rechargeable headlamp featuring 3D slimfit construction that makes your hands free light, widely capable and so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing it.

The 3D slim fit construction is based on three dimensions of a perfect fit. A flush front better balance and smart fabrics seamlessly integrated housing merges hte electronics directly into the band creating an ultra thin front that sits flush on your forehead with no bouncing.

By reorienting the battery to the back, we keep the weight off the front of your face reducing slippage and creating a more natural fit. And the entire headlamp features moisture wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry during activity.

Clocking in at only 69 grams the headlamp features four modes and the ability to control your light through easy dim ability. One handed articulation enables your li…

Gigantic Pool Float - Party Bird Floating Island

This giant pool float fits up to six people. Sun Pleasure makes the Party Bird Floating Island. It weighs about 70 pounds when deflated and 9 feet tall which fits six people. It holds up to 1,320 pounds and it also comes with built-in cooler and six cup holders.

It takes about 30 minutes to inflate one float with a handheld air pump. The air pump needs to be purchased separately. It's recommended that only six people go in the float at once, but it can hold up to 13 people. One float costs $149.98 at your local Sam's Club.

5 Things That Make Mosquitoes Bite You More

1. Heavy Breathing - Larger people and pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide which female mosquitoes can sense.

2. Working Out - Mosquitoes like the lactic acid in your sweat.

3. Drink Beer - A small study found that mosquitoes are more likely to land on you after you drank a beer.

4. Blood Type - People with type 0 blood attract more mosquitoes.

5. Pregnant women - Malaria carrying mosquitoes are 2X likelier to bite a women if she is pregnant. Stay clear of those bloodsuckers!

9 Inventions That Take Firefighting To The Next Level

1. Pyrolance - Pyrolance is a high pressure water gun that fights fires through walls and floors. The powerful jet cuts a 6 mm hole and shoots water into the building. This allows firefighters to stay shielded while reducing the temperature inside. It also reduces the likelihood of back draft.

2. Aerones - This drone made by Latvian company Aerones can help put out fires. It is powered by 28 motors and can fly up to 984 feet. The pilot on the ground is in control. A water hose is connected to the drone from a fire truck.

3. Thermite 3.0 - This fire fighting robot is called Thermite 3.0. It pumps 2,500 gallons of water per minute. It would take six to eight humans to control that force. It's made from aircraft grade aluminium and steel and can be be sent to areas too hazardous for humans.

4. FDNY - This is how pilots fight fires with a helicopter. It's equipped with a Bambi Bucket that can hold up to 2,600 gallons of water. The bucket has a snorkel like attachment that sucks up w…

Boat Plane Hybrid - Airfish 8

This marine craft could change the way people travel. The Airfish 8 flies like an airplane, docks like a boat, and is powered by a V8 car engine. The craft is designed to take off and land on water. It can carry up to 8 passengers. Airfish 8 can reach a maximum speed of 126 mph. 

It hovers on a cushion of air 6 to 23 feet above the water utilizing the "wing in ground" effect which decreases the drag and makes it fuel efficient. Since it doesn't need a runway it can easily be used to reach remote islands and give emergency services easy access to remote places. Airfish 8 is still in the trial phase and it was developed by Singapore based Widgetworks.

Wood Burning and USB Charging Camping Stove - BioLite CampStove 2

Meet the next generation of fire, with the CampStove 2. A parable wood burning stove that creates smokeless flames while generating usable electricity, so you can cook your meals and charge your devices all the same time. Now with updated thermal electricals, the CampStove 2 provides 50% more power than the CampStove 1.

It incorporates an on-board battery, so you can store your electricity for whenever you need it. The updated LED interface provides real time feedback on what's going on inside. And features 4 fan speeds to control the size of your fire. Integrate it BioLite accessories, for a perfect camp kitchen that you can bring anywhere.

Anytime you go out there with BioLite, you're helping us bring save reliable energy to households around the world. Clean energy is all around us. We just need the right tools to unlock it. Discover a smarter, cleaner campfire with the CampStove 2.

One Touch Automated Irrigation Smart Planter

What does a plant or flower mean to us? Enjoying beautiful colors, smelling the scent of flowers. Plants remind us the lovely moments and happiness of life. many people stay in touch with nature by visiting parks or buying plants and flowers. We also want to grow plants indoors.

However growing a plant is not an easy task. Some people are really good at taking care of flowers sustaining them and some people are not so great. I think it's not easy. When you're living in a big city and really busy running around and you work a lot, sometimes you obviously forget to do things. You forget to water it, or you forget for a couple of days and then you overwater it. We need to know how much light plants should get. What is the right amount of water? How often should our plants be watered. The answers to these and many other questions make planting complicated.

Bloomengine is a smart indoor planter that brings the sprouting and beautiful blooming moments of plants to you anytime and an…

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