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DUO - Second Monitor For Your Laptop

This attachment creates a second monitor for your laptop. DUO from Mobile Pixels allows you to take your office anywhere! Mobile Pixels provides a secondary laptop monitor that gives laptop users the productivity desktop monitors provide for anywhere work takes them.

DUO's laptop monitor can rotate and adjust in multiple ways. There is even a presentation mode and it works with any laptop. DUO is lightweight at 1.5 pounds and energy efficient. It attaches to the back of your laptop.

Here's how DUO works

1. Clip the attachment onto the magnetic adhesives.
2. Open up and power on your laptop.
3. Plug in a single USB cable.
4. Slide DUO's screen out. You can place DUO on either side of your laptop.
5. The monitor has a 1080p display.

DUO is currently a prototype. DUO has successfully been funded on Kickstarter and can be pre ordered for $199 on Indiegogo. Time to get to work.

9 Cool Bikes If You're Looking For An Upgrade

1. Manta5 - The Manta5 is a hydrofoil water bike. It uses the same technology used by sailboats to help you cut through water with ease.

2. Sno-Go - Sno-Go is for a different type of terrain. This easy to use bike combines skiing and cycling.

3. Elena Larriba - This vertical bicycle offers an alternative to the elevator. Cycle is a good workout that doesn't require much effort.

4. GeoOrbital Wheel -  Don't have the cash for an electric bike? The GeoOrbital Wheel makes your bike an electric one.

5. Organic Transit/Fallen Leaf Films - This bike looks more like an electric car. The ELF bike is powered by both pedaling and the sun.

6. Twicycle - Twicycle has moving handlebars. It gives both your arms and legs a workout.

7. Cardigo - The Cardigo bike provides an even more complex workout. Just turn the knob and push and pull the handlebar while you ride.

8. Michael Killian - You ride this bike sideways. It works on a front and back balance like a snowboard.

9. Halfbike - It looks like a sc…

10 Inventions That Are Saving The Environment

1. Seabin - This bin collects garbage from the sea. Seabin has a pump that creates a flow of water. The garbage is caught in a bag, allowing water to flow out back to sea.

2. DB Exports - This machine crushes beer bottles into usable sand. 200 grams of powder from each bottle is recycled to preserve beaches.

3. Saltwater Brewery - SaltWater Brewery created edible packaging to save sea life. The six pack rings are made of barley and wheat. Sea life can eat the rings safely.

4. Graviky Labs - Air-Ink can turn air pollution into ink. It collects carbon soot from a car's exhaust. Then it is processed into a high quality black ink.

5. Skipping Rocks Lab - These edible water blobs are biodegradable. The capsule is made from a seaweed extract. A greener solution to creating waste free packaging.

6. The Ocean Cleanup - This "Ocean Cleanup machine has a giant floating pipe to capture plastic. The pipe moves with the waves and has floating anchors. THe plastic is all gathered in the center …

The Shoe That Grows - GroFive Expandals

These shoes can grow up to five sizes. They are called The Shoe That Grows and they have three adjusting parts. The front can grow, the sides allow the shoe to expand and the back adjusts for the heel. Kenton Lee came up with the idea while living in Kenya.

He spotted a girl with shoes too small for her feet. Walking barefoot can be dangerous. Soil transmitted diseases are a problem in developing countries. 1.5 billion people suffer from such diseases. Kenton went away and tried to find a solution to this problem.

He partnered with charity Because International and he finished the shoe in 20112. It has since been distributed all around the world and they were handed out in over 100 countries. Over 1,75,000 children were given a pair.

Children usually outgrow shoes within a year. These are built to last at least five years. After a lot of commercial interest in the shoes, the team saw an opportunity to help more children. Expandals are now commercially available to buy. You can pre-or…

Natural Water Slide - Gisborne's Rere Rock Slide

Gisborne's Rare Rockslide is located within the Wharekopae River on the East Coast of New Zealand. Because of the constant flow of water, the rocks have naturally smoothed over time.. forming a natural water slide.

You can slide down on a bodyboard or an inner tube. But the best part about Gisborne's Rere Rockslide is that it's completely free to experience. Rere Rock Slide is a 60m rock where you can slide down a hill on a piece of cardboard or any replacement. This place is full of fun for you and your kids!

Robots and Machines That Revolutionized The Agriculture Industry

FarmBot: This open source CNC farming machine lets you have a fully automated garden in your backyard.

FFRobotics: Fruit-picking can be cost effective and bruise free thanks to this robotic hand.

See&Spray: This machine uses AI and image recognition software to identify weeds and make precise spraying.

Ladybird: This solar electric powered vehicle drives autonomously and collects data from across the farm to increase productivity.

Ecorobotix: This four wheeled weed killing robot uses 20 times less herbicide than conventional methods.

Swadro 2000: The giant center delivery rake can cover up to 20 hectares per hour.

Study 2020: This 20 row harvester attachment can greatly maximize adequate working width.

Dewulf GBC: This 1 row trailed harvester is perfect for lifting carrots, turnips and red beets.

CNH Industrial: This concept autonomous tractor is truly independent and driverless.

Arcusin: This automatic bale loader helps fasten the process of filed cleaning and lorry loading.

Oxbo 6420: Th…

India’s First Convertible Stadium In Ahmedabad

Ever heard of a convertible stadium? India just got one. A 9 acre outdoor transtadium in Ahmedabad can be converted into an indoor one in more than 6 minutes with just the press of a button. The stadium can seat up to 20,000 individuals and can conduct 14 different sport activities.

The stadium does not offer cricketing facilities in a bid to encourage other sports to come up. The kabaddi world cup tournament on 7th october was the stadium's first ever event. Plans to bring a similar model to cities like Bangalore and jaipur are in the pipeline. Sheltering sports under one convertible roof.

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