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Tiny Affordable Laser Engraver - DAJA DJ6

Ready to laser engrave just about anything? Meet the DJ6. It's a laser engraver for virtually any surface. The DJ6 has an open frame design, so objects of nearly any size can be engraved. 

There's a corresponding app for designing whatever you want to be engraved. The DJ6 also has a handful of safety features like motion detection that will stop engraving if there are any accidental motions. So you can engrave away without any worries!

If you are looking for unlimited creativity then you should go and take control of new DJ6 DAJA laser engraver. It's powerful affordable and easy to use. 

3W power allows you to quickly carve out your creativity. Highly accurate for precise engraving and easily sees the details at 0.05 millimetre accuracy. 

Easily create custom designs patterns or text and engrave in minutes. Engraves on any surface. simply sketch out your idea and leave the rest to DAJA.

In addition to engraving DAJA also cut material. Why not piece together a world map.  The semi open aluminum structure is sturdy and durable and allows for unlimited engraving sizes and angles. 

DAJA has comprehensive security features. One portable security cover, specially designed cooing fan, full mobile power off protection.

The DAJA laser engraver, engraves wallets, engrave tools. carve out artwork with coated metals. DAJA can be spontaneously creative.  engrave everyday objects and make them extraordinary with DAJA.