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The Good Plastic Table - Foldable, Transformable and Multipurpose Desk

Good Plastic Table from Good Plastic Things. Good Plastic Things mission to contribute to solving the problem of the 400 million tonnes of plastic waste that generated annually by developing products from 100 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable plastic. 2020 presented Good Plastic Things a lot of challenges and many of us have to adept to new work from home reality. The team of Good plastic Things in London, Amsterdam and Kiev has faced the harsh reality of working from compact city center apartments. It has been a struggle to find a place to work without taking up space for our families to live. This is why Good plastic Things have invented the Good Plastic Table.

Good Plastic Table is multipurpose, thought through and transformable. It provide space when you need it. It is unobtrusive, it is whiteboard and it is easy to clean. it is durable and compact. It serves as a shelf and easy to open. It is your work desk, it is comfortable, safe, ergonomic and spacious. It is clever, its even a house, it is intuitive, fun and sturdy. 

Each table is made from roughly 150 used computer keyboards and mice mixed with ocean plastic and other plastic waste like used disposable cutlery and bobbin spools. This results in wide variety of patterns that the table can be produced from.

Each table is carefully crafted in Europe. Good Plastic Things is developing zero footprint manufacturing by utilizing renewable energy. The're are approaching a 100 percent material utilization rate. Good Plastic Things want to demonstrate that plastic remains a valuable resource and not just waste after its initial use. 

The table is easy to assemble with well thought out ergonomics and safety. All the Good Plastic Things products are 100 % recyclable. After your table has served out its useful life you can return it to our facility where it will be recycled again into more good plastic things.