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Qbi - Magnetic Blocks And Cars

When you are looking for a fun and enriching activity for you child, Qbi delivers. Its exciting and lots of fun.The cars and magnetic track blocks make for a great family game. Unleash your creativity with Qbi. Its safe and easy to play with. You can play it on your own or have fun with your friends and family. Qbi is hours of entertainment. 

Each cube has 6 different kinds of tracks one on each side and 10 different colors. You can build your own race track and enjoy over 100 ways to play in an easy to assemble set. The only limitation is your imagination. Qbi is designed for kids age 2 and above. Just pull the car back and let go. 

Kids can choose their favorite fruits and deliver to the supermarket or they can push the car to let it race down the track. It can even conquer different types of terrain. You will definitely love it. Your kids will love it even more. Enjoy hours of imaginative playtime and make Qbi part of your family. Qbi is the race track that grows with your kids.