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Shell - A Backpack For A Lifetime

Shell is an ultimate backpack designed by Tropicfeel to meet modern day travelers. Shell will always have your back from your day to day commute to your weekend getaway and your travel adventures. Shell backpack ranging from 22 liters when compressed to 40 liters when expanded. Shell offers next level features like Superior Organization, Space Optimization, accessibility at glance and maximum comfort. Shell is the only backpack you'll ever need. Inspired by modern day travelers Shell will be a part of your journey and let you feel at home when you're away.

Shell is a mix of a travel backpack and an urban daily bag. It's made for your digital life with protected compartments for your laptop and accessories. The design pouch for smaller gadgets is detachable for extra comfort. When you're going travelling Shell turns into something completely different.

It's wardrobe system allows you to pack much more than seams possible. With dedicated shelves and compartments to stay organized. It condenses your clothes to get up to 20 percent more space. It has an extra Kangaroo pocket for the things that you want to keep separate and you can even add more with the cargo straps. When you're out traveling you'll enjoy the accessibility the Shell Offers.

It can open like a clam shell so you can see everything at a glance. The wardrobe hangs anywhere for a portable closet and you can use it like a daypack with top access. Detach and hang the toiletry to feel right at home. Shell can carry like a suitcase and if you're into photography shell's got you covered with a special camera cube for your gear. When you're hiking you'll appreciate the ergonomic back panel with extra support plus it has waist and chest straps. 

Shell is made from waterproof materials and sealed YKK zippers and it's made sustainably using premium recycled polyester and nylon. So whether it's your day to day , your weekend getaway or your life's biggest journey, Shell is the best companion. Take it wherever life takes. A backpack for a lifetime.