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MOFT Float - The Only Floating Case For iPad Pro

This is an invisible stand case it makes your iPad Pro float in the air bringing you a whole new experience while using the iPad Pro. It is called as MOFT Float. The design inherits the philosophy of Float. Stand it up easily whenever needed and then fold it back quickly when you don't .

MOFT Float is made it with a truly floating design by the hinge structure to offer adjustable height. It's highest height you can get among all portable standard case. It also allows for unlimited viewing angles up to 130 degrees. MOFT Float is flexible , lightweight and slim. 

With MOFT Float you won't bend your neck down for hours. work comfortably at all times. Three functional modes like Floating Mode, Stable Mode and Portrait Mode make sure that MOFT Float fits all your needs and different styles at every step of the way. 

In Floating Mode it allows you to display your iPad at eye level for zoom meeting or double screen working and watching netflix. 

You'll never know how good it will feel.If you want to do some sketching no problem you can quickly adjust the base to the Stable Mode. Then adjust to portrait mode you can use your iPad to comfortably read hands free. 

MOFT Float provides you with superior height adn the ultimate typing experience. Make anywhere your office. MOFT was designed to be lightweight and portable. The soft edge material make it easy to install for work and uninstall for matching other accessories. MOFT Float also prepared a superb magnetic apple pencil holder to provide full protection from head to toe. You can easily attach the holder onto the mock iPad stand case. MOFT Float allows you to work anywhere with good posture and without the pain just.