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MUKI BounceMan - The World's Smallest And Portable Stand

Get enough for your old bulky laptop stand. It's time for some new stands something quick easy and looks good. MUKI BounceMan the world's smallest and invisible stand for all your electronic devices. MUKI BounceMan is compatible with all devices laptops, ipad or smartphones.

The built in spring installment can set up or retract in only 0.3 seconds. MUKI BounceMan is thin and light weight. Also the zinc alloy materials can bear upto 22 kilograms without any shaking. 

Its ergonomic angle can be good for your neck. The well design of MUKI BounceMan won't shelter vents that gives your laptop better airflow. Nice silicon padding at the bottom of the stand helps prevent the laptop from slipping. And it's firmly attached to the laptop by 3m glue. easy to carry and quick to open. MUKI BounceMan is your perfect work buddy.