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EcoFlow's DELTA - The New Standard Of Battery-Powered Generator

EcoFlow is excited to introduce DELTA, the world's strongest battery generator. DELTA is a landmark of both design and function, bringing you the most power, the fastest recharge, and peace of mind in any situation - with no gas no noise.

The unit packs a massive 1300Wh finally a battery that can truly be a home generator. Stay powered for hours and hours with a wide range of devices and tools, any time and anywhere.

DELTA packs so much power, you can even use it as an emergency backup for your electric vehicle, giving you up to 7.5 extra miles on a single charge. In the case of blackout, leave your worries at the door. With an output of 1800W, DELTA meets the standard of any wall outlet, so you will always feel right at home.

With DELTA, you're never away from work for too long. DELTA has the fastest recharge rate on the market. Recharge from 0-80% in only one hour. DELTA is both compact and lightweight. no matter where you go, you will never be slowed down by the heavy load of gas generators. plus, without a gas motor, DELTA is silent and maintenance free. DELTA provides all the power with none of the noise or carbon emissions, so you can enjoy clean air in the peace and quite of your own home.

The new user interface is highly intuitive and provides the most important details for you to monitor your power use and safety. DELTA system includes four regular USB ports, two 60 watt USB C ports plus four wall outlets on the international edition and six wall outlets on the American edition. You have every option you'll ever need, all on one portable generator.

DELTA isn't just powerful, it's a rugged as any tool in the shed. The unit is reinforced with an aluminum chassis that protects the battery pack inside. And with strong rubber dampeners built into the outer shell, toy never have to be concerned when the going gets rough.

Eliminate your carbon footprint completely with EcoFlow's solar panels. You can chain your panels together, bringing DELTA back to full charge in just four hours of perfect sunlight.

EcoFlow DELTA Battery Powered Generator

From home energy storage to electric vehicles to mobile power, the whole world is moving to batteries, so ditch the old generator, No gas, No noise,  No maintenance. EcoFlow's DELTA is the new standard of battery generators for your family, for your work and for you.