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How To Slow Google Sensorvault From Tracking Your Location

How To Slow Google Sensorvault From Tracking Your Location

A New York Time report revealed that Google, which is not only tracking you via the Maps, is potentially turning over your location data to law enforcement from its database called Google Sensor Vault. A 2018 Associated Press investigation reported that even if you manually disable Google Location History, Google Maps and other apps may retain data about your whereabouts.

Even when Location History is toggled off, AP discovered, actions like searching for something in your browser, checking automatic weather updates and opening Google Maps will record your location.

Venture into Settings, then tap Google > Google Account > Data & personalization. Now tap Web & App Activity and toggle the setting off.

The NYT report said Police, in the US, have used information from the search giant's Sensor Vault database to aid in criminal cases across the country. Law enforcement can get "geofence" warrants seeking location data. Those kinds of requests have spiked in the last six months, and the company has received as many as 180 requests in one week, according to the report.