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Top 7 Best Productivity Apps

Top 7 Best Productivity Apps

In our daily lives, work consume a significant portion of our day. So, to look for solutions that help us save time is always a bonus. Here are a few of the best productivity app currently available.

WUNDERLIST : Despite an endless to-do list apps around, Wunderlist will be our first pick as it quite user friendly and it supports a wide variety of platforms.

TeamViewer : The best app for remote access and what's more it's free.

Evernote :  Needs no explanation. It's the app to take down notes. Plus, it provides a powerful search as well option to sync with multiple devices.

Trello : If you're collaborating on a project, then is the go to app thanks to its huge array of collaboration tools. Also, it is quite user friendly.

Pocket : This app allows you to bookmark the link that you find cool so that you can revisit it in your free time.

LastPass : If you don't use a Password Manager yet, then install the app right now to secure your digital life.

G-Suite : Well, G-Suite a great free online productivity suite which enables the simple and speedy creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.