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Perfect Indoor Gardening System - OGarden Smart

Indoor Gardening System

OGarden Smart is the future of indoor gardening. Ogarden Smart is an indoor gardening system that allows you to grow fresh produce at home. Unlike most indoor gardening systems Ogarden Smart can grow up to 90 fruits and vegetables simultaneously.

Significantly supplementing your grocery shopping in a way that no other indoor gardening system has done before. And since its indoors you never have to worry about the weather affecting what you grow or when you grow it. Get perfect fruits and vegetables all year round.

OGarden Smart Seed Cups

Ogarden Smart is easy to use, simply place your seeds and growing cups in the nursery cabinet below. when the seeds sprout transfer them to the wheel. There they'll grow large enough to harvest. The rotating wheel keeps your roots moist and can host up to 60 plants.

While the nursery cabinet below can hold up to 30 plants giving you a constant rotation of 30 crops at all times. The automatic low energy consumption LEDs  simulate the perfect amount of sunshine and the automatic watering gives your produce exactly the amount it needs for optimal growth.

Indoor Gardening System

Growing your produce at home means no pesticides, no herbicides and no waste. Just incredibly fresh food for you and for your family that you can harvest right when you need it. Ogarden Smart is clean, bright, beautiful and the perfect addition to any area of your home. From dinner with your friends to quality time with your family Ogarden Smart is there to provide fresh delicious produce to you and the ones you love.

Through growing your own food we can educate future generations on sustainable practices and create a real impact in the world. The future of produce is independence and sustainability.