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Ironpeak - Stylish Sports Sunglasses

Ironpeak Stylish Sports Sunglasses

Just wear it and create a new routine with the most effective and high quality wearable sunglasses Ironpeak. When your smartphone is connected Ironpeak you can check sounds around you and listen to the music at high quality.

Moreover offering the most comfortable dish using next generation lens. In order to respond to various kinds of environments Ironpeak  offers various types of NXT lenses. Ironpeak RX lenses guarantee same meterial as NXT sun lenses providing a wide range of visual field unbreakable for life and comfort as daily prescription.

Considering how we solve the built in battery issue that only lasts less than four hours usually on current market, enjoy our replacement battery pack and charger. Once the battery and charger are fully charged you can use it more than 20 hours with replacement.

Ironpeak also provides the function that users can easily talk on the phone while they are exercising. Ironpeak is designed for daily and sports at the same time, but tend to be more sports oriented. The face contact parts made of soft elastomer and to suit for outdoor activities.

Six curved wraparound design can be placed on your face with firm stability. Ironpeak comes with a case that works as a speaker for sharing. Just put it in and enjoy the music together. its going to be part of your life. Clear sight and clear sound Ironpeak