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GoDonut - Worlds Most Portable and Universal Stand For Tabs And Smartphones

GoDonut Portable and Universal Stand

GoDonut is a new light weight and portable device stand that allows smartphone and tablet users to enjoy total hands free use their devices anywhere. GoDonut is designed to be used for all major phones and tablets and comes in variety and exciting of colours.

Universal Stand For Tabs And Smartphones

The stand requires no installation and it is used by inserting the device into of its slots. There are multiple angles to place the device in, so you can have the ultimate unique experience. It is small enough for travel and also perfect accessory to take with you, wherever you may Go!

Universal Stand For Tabs And Smartphones

GoDonut is perfect to use while studying, cooking, watching movies and much more. It is strong, durable, waterproof and comes in a wide array of colors and designs. GoDonut has a unique 360 degree turn which makes it possible to view your phone in the right position.