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Underwater Sculpture Garden In Gili Meno

Underwater Sculpture Garden

Snorkel through this underwater sculpture garden in Gili Meno, Indonesia. It's called Nest by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. It features 48 life size humans submerged in water. Here's how to find it.

The sculpture is accessible from the beach at BASK resort on Gili Meno island. And it's just 13 feet below the water. Jason deCaires Taylor's inspiration comes from the circle of life which explains the circular formation of the figures.

Real people were used to make the casts, but there's more to it. The sculpture was made to help save Indonesia's disappearing reefs. Over time, a reef will grow on the statues, igniting new life. Each figure is made of a pH-neutral, environmental grade concrete.

The sculpture turned reef will help preserve Indonesia's ocean ecosystem. Taylor's work can be found in the Caribbean, the Canary islands and even in the River Thames.