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SolarCru - Ultra Slim Solar Panel


Meet SolarCru the smallest and lightest foldable solar panel charger. Charge your device with solar energy efficiently. The highly sensitive panels can charge even in the shade. Charge your cell phones, power banks, speakers or earbuds. Add more panels to have more power.

SolarCru is small and slim only one tenth of an inch. You can also fold your solar panel and easily fit it in bag or your jacket pocket. It weighs in at about 0.52 lbs without battery and 0.7 lbs with battery. It measures merely 2.9 x 9.6 x1.2 inches when unfolded.

SolarCru Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Magnetic clasp protection binds the rolled-up panels together in order to avoid wear and tear. You can simply hook it onto your back.SolarCru is made of durable scratch resistant material. No need to worry about water on the panels as SolarCru is also water resistance. SolarCru welcome to the solar world.