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Redkey USB - Wipe All Computer Data Securely And Permanently

Redkey USB

We're now in a world where most homes and businesses rely on computers. So what should we do when it's time to sell or recycle your old equipment, because nobody wants personal info to be dug up on their old PC right and simply hitting delete or resetting doesn't guarantee your data is actually gone.

Redkey USB Computer Data Wipe Tool

But relax Redkey USB is the solution you need to wipe any computer 100 percent safely and securely. It looks like an ordinary USB stick but it's completely different it's designed to erase data not store it.

Simply plug into your computer before startup and initiate the white with the easy to use system that's embedded into the key. Stop worrying that old PC or Mac that's taking up valuable space. Order a Redkey USB now and your data will truly be gone forever.

With Redkey you can properly remove spyware, virus, trojan, malware and also you can speed up a slow PC by wiping clean and starting fresh. The end result is a clean computer, cleared of all data that means your computer will be clear of all personal information, and is ready for safe sale or disposal.