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E-Fusion - A Game Changer In Chargers

E-Fusion A Game Changer In Chargers

With so many people needing more and more power on the go. Bricks, cables and dongles just aren't cutting it. So E-Fusion has decided to gather them all in one place. E-fusion is a wall charger, a portable battery and a wireless charger all in one compact and powerful device.

E-Fusion Game Changer In Chargers

Weather you need more power for fun gadgets or for work E-Fusion will be there to boost your power. With PD charging and other fast charging protocol E-Fusion supports quick charge, a powerful feature that fills up your device up to four times faster than other chargers and works with all major brands.

Designed for the modern mobile life E-Fusion is compact an intuitive powerful and convenient. And since it's small enough to fit your pocket, it'll keep your life fully powered wherever you go. The E-Fusion smart power management system provides optimal output for each individual device. Its unique flow through system allows multiple devices to charge well internal battery itself also recharges.

charging wirelessly

Got a device capable of charging wirelessly, simply lay it on top and free up space for another device.E-Fusion has partnered with a world class manufacturer in China to ensure that every single component surpasses international standards of quality to give you the most reliable product possible.