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Trash For Cash In Taiwan

Trash For Cash In Taiwan

You can now pay for the metro with trash. this machine in Taiwan takes bottles and kitchen waste as payment and reimburses people with money on their metro passes.

Trash For Cash

One of the Taiwanese said, " This is my first using it. It is very near to my house. I can collect cash on my EasyCard. and contribute to the protection of the environment, so i think it is quite convenient."

The booth is new initiative to give people more opportunities to get rid of their trash. Usually residents in Taipei have to hold onto their trash and have to wait until the right garbage truck comes around for them to toss the garbage in. If residents miss the truck, they have to hold on to their trash.

Taiwanese says, " I think it is very convenient. For example, i have work after 8 PM or 9 PM, and garbage collecting trucks are all gone at that time. But i can come here anytime i want and collect cash for my EasyCard. It is also easy to use.