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Renault's Luxury Autonomous Concept - EZ-UlTIMO

Renault EZ-UlTIMO

Take a look at Renault's luxury autonomous concept. it's called the EZ-UlTIMO. THe ULTIMO is entirely self driving and there's no space for a driver at all. It can fit up to three passengers and everything is 100% electric. The EZ-ULTIMO is designed to be shared.

Renault Luxury Autonomous Concept EZ-UlTIMO

Renault wants it to be booked for luxury travel letting you get to hotels and restaurants in style. The interior is designed to feel like a living room. It even has an armchair inside! The car is 5.6 meters long. Everything is super luxurious from a thick marble table to walnut wood flooring.

Renault EZ-Ultimo

The 600 diamond shapes act like a one way mirror. This gives passengers privacy and light. Renault unveiled it at Paris Motor Show 2018. It'a a concept car so won't be available to buy, but might just be a look into the future of travel.