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One Touch Automated Irrigation Smart Planter

One Touch Automated Irrigation Smart Planter Bloomengine

What does a plant or flower mean to us? Enjoying beautiful colors, smelling the scent of flowers. Plants remind us the lovely moments and happiness of life. many people stay in touch with nature by visiting parks or buying plants and flowers. We also want to grow plants indoors.

However growing a plant is not an easy task. Some people are really good at taking care of flowers sustaining them and some people are not so great. I think it's not easy. When you're living in a big city and really busy running around and you work a lot, sometimes you obviously forget to do things. You forget to water it, or you forget for a couple of days and then you overwater it. We need to know how much light plants should get. What is the right amount of water? How often should our plants be watered. The answers to these and many other questions make planting complicated.

Bloomengine:Smart Indoor Planter

Bloomengine is a smart indoor planter that brings the sprouting and beautiful blooming moments of plants to you anytime and anywhere. You can feel and record the plant journey in real time with Bloomengine. Bloomengine offer the new concept of indoor green life with your lovely plants, especially small flowers.

Bloomengine creates better environment for plants indoors. All you have to do is fill the compressed soil then place the seed on top of it. Bloomengine soil provides suitable conditions with liquid fertilizers. Then add water and turn the power on. With Bloomengine water system you don't have to worry about it when you pack for a long trip. Through Bloomengine app, you can set a specific setting for the water pump. The internal water pump circulates to make sure it stays fresh.

Bloomengine's LED technology

Bloomengine's LED technology provides perfect amount of light for your plants. You can also easily switch the LED light and off using the app. And the micro ventilation fan supports the growth of flowers. It support photosynthesis and encourages the exchange of gases in the atmosphere.

Bloomengine also will notice you if plants need your help. You can even name your plants as you keep caring for them. Children also can monitor and fell the growth of plants in real time with the built-in Full HD camera. You can make time-lapse videos for unbelievable moments.

Bloomengine Smart Indoor Planter

Watch them sprouting and blooming in a way you never experienced before. Children will be fascinated by how they experience the blooming of their flowers. Present the most memorable of gifts to your family or loved ones. You can grow various plants that are meaningful to them. And enjoy beautiful flowers together for 365 days in Bloomengine. Also, Bloomengine makes interior areas more special.