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Boat Plane Hybrid - Airfish 8

Boat Plane Hybrid Airfish 8

This marine craft could change the way people travel. The Airfish 8 flies like an airplane, docks like a boat, and is powered by a V8 car engine. The craft is designed to take off and land on water. It can carry up to 8 passengers. Airfish 8 can reach a maximum speed of 126 mph. 

Airfish 8

It hovers on a cushion of air 6 to 23 feet above the water utilizing the "wing in ground" effect which decreases the drag and makes it fuel efficient. Since it doesn't need a runway it can easily be used to reach remote islands and give emergency services easy access to remote places. Airfish 8 is still in the trial phase and it was developed by Singapore based Widgetworks.