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9 Inventions That Take Firefighting To The Next Level

Pyrolance Firefighting

1. Pyrolance - Pyrolance is a high pressure water gun that fights fires through walls and floors. The powerful jet cuts a 6 mm hole and shoots water into the building. This allows firefighters to stay shielded while reducing the temperature inside. It also reduces the likelihood of back draft.

Aerones Firefighting

2. Aerones - This drone made by Latvian company Aerones can help put out fires. It is powered by 28 motors and can fly up to 984 feet. The pilot on the ground is in control. A water hose is connected to the drone from a fire truck.

Thermite 3.0 Firefighting

3. Thermite 3.0 - This fire fighting robot is called Thermite 3.0. It pumps 2,500 gallons of water per minute. It would take six to eight humans to control that force. It's made from aircraft grade aluminium and steel and can be be sent to areas too hazardous for humans.

FDNY Fire Fighting Helicopter Bambi Bucket

4. FDNY - This is how pilots fight fires with a helicopter. It's equipped with a Bambi Bucket that can hold up to 2,600 gallons of water. The bucket has a snorkel like attachment that sucks up water from a nearby source. These water bombing helicopters help cool the area for firefighters to gon in and prevent fires from spreading.

Escape Chute Systems Fire Fighting

5. Escape Chute Systems - This invention could help you get out of a burning building safely. It can expand as someone travels down. When escaping, you control how fast you go. The company claims one chute can evacuate 25 people per minute.

Bulldog Extreme Fire Fighting

6. Bulldog Extreme Fire Fighting - The Bulldog Extreme Fire Fighting truck blasts water from its grill. It can carry 2,000 gallons of water or foam and blast water up to 150 psi. It can go off roading to reach fires in the wilderness. Water can also be sprayed along the ground around it.

IFEX 3000 Fire Fighting

7. IFEX - This is a shotgun fire extinguisher called the IFEX 3000. There are two cylinders filled with fire extinguishing agent and pressurized air. When the fire fighter pulls the trigger on the gun, the sudden change in air pressure starves the fire. The IFEX 3000 has a range of 16 meters.

Foam Fire Suppression  Fire Fighting

8. Foam Fire Suppression - This foam fire suppression system stops fire in under five minutes. The foam mixes with water to expand and floats above the fuel. It can expand three feet high in four minutes. It dissolves right through the concrete floor.

Elide Fire Ball  Fire Fighting

9. Elide Fire Ball - This flame suppressing dodgeball puts out fire immediately. It activates three seconds after touching the fire instantly releasing fire suppression chemicals. It can be used without training and the ball can be mounted to a wall.