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Bones, Joints and Muscles

Parts of Skeleton

Functions of Our Skeleton - Our body is made up of bones, joints and muscles. We have 206 bones in our body. All the bones together from our skeleton. The skeleton gives shape to our body. It also protects our internal organs like the heart and stomach.

The skeleton can be divided into 3 main parts - skull, ribcage and backbone. The skull protects our brain. The ribcage protects our internal organs like the heart, lungs and stomach. The backbone helps us to stand in an upright position.

Movable and Immovable Joints

A joint is a place where two bones meet. We have joints in our shoulders, hips, elbows, knee and ankle. The joints that allow movement are called movable joints. There are 4 main types of movable joints, pivot joint, hinge joint, ball, socket joint and gliding joint. The joints in our skull do not allow any movement and are called immovable joints.

Voluntary and Involuntary Muscles

The soft part that covers our bones are our muscles. These are attached to our bones and help us move the different parts of our body. Some muscles of our body, like the muscles of our arms and legs, are under our control and are called voluntary muscles. This means we can move them when we want to.

Some muscles, like the muscles of heart and stomach, are not under our control and are called involuntary muscles. This means that we have no control over their movement.

Skin in Protecting Bones and Muscles

Role of Skin in Protecting Bones and Muscles

The skin covers and protects our bones and muscles. We need to take care of our bones, joints and muscles. Healthy food and exercise help to make our bones and muscles healthy and strong. sunlight is good for our bones too. Playing outdoors in the sun can help make our bones strong.