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7 Products For Quick Fixes Around The House

Drain Weasel

1. Drain Weasel - This tool cleans hair clogged drains. The Drain Weasel has hundreds of micro hooks that picks up any hair.Just attach the wand, spin and pull to remove the clog. Best of all, it's disposable. So you don't need to touch the Mess

Sugru flexible rubber

2. Sugru - It's a flexible rubber that sticks to anything. Amazing new technology that can fix almost anything. After 24 hours it sets strong and durable. Just stick and shape. Fix broken plastics, create hooks without drilling. Sugru is strong and flexible which can hang up to 2 kg.

Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp by Kibosh

3. Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp by Kibosh - It instantly fixes a busted pipe until you get a professional. It can be fitted when fittings are close together. Available for different pipe diameters and suitable for plastic (PB & PEX), multi-layer and metal pipes. Ideal for accidental perforations and pie damage. Can be fitted to clipped pipes, can accommodate leaking pipe fittings, leaks in walls. Once fitted, pipe can continue to function normally. It can withstand high pressures.

Tile Stickers

4. Tile Stickers - Upgrade bland walls in your rental space easily. They're made by Moonwallstickers. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns. A 24 pack of the smallest size starts at $16.15.

Fantom Magnetic Door Stop

5. Fantom Doorstop - Keep your doorknobs from damaging your walls. This door stops magnetic pin pops up to stop the door. Fantom doorstop is the number one viewed doorstop in the world and sold in over 60 countries and growing. Fantom's patented design uses a powerful rare earth magnet which activates a pin in the floor to stop the door and hold it in place.

MovXing - Safely move large furniture

6. MovXing - Safely move large furniture without scratching the floors and reduces back injuries. Easier lifting means not damaging doorways, floors, and walls on your way in and out. The strong 100% polypropylene straps adjust easily to fit any mover.

SurePlunge automatic toilet plunger.

7. SurePlunge - This cannon unclogs toilets instantly to save you a call to the plumber. Clear away a build-up of toilet paper from the toilet. Unclog all toilets, maintaining good hygiene for all the family using a powerful CO2 gas pressure. It's so simple to use just insert the CO2 gas cartridge into the product. Place and fix the product at the desired point and press the button! It clears all the clogged household drains. Blow it away! SurePlunge is the perfect solution to all household blockages.