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5 Technologies Changing The Landscape Of Malls

1. Tailor Made Suggestions - Using Facial recognition, stores will know who you are and will search your data file to suggest products you might like. Much like this famous scene from minority report. They'll even be able to give you specialized coupons based on your preferences.

Amazon Go No Pay Systems

2. No Pay Systems - Because the stores will know who you are, you won't need cash or even a credit card. Much like Amazon Go stores, specialized cameras will be monitoring your habits. Futurist Jim Carroll even suggests you'll be able to pay with your retinas or thumbprints. And that your car will be able to authenticate purchases made at the drive thru.

3. Try It On Without Trying It On - Using virtual or augmented reality, you'll always have the opportunity to try before you buy. Whether that's furniture in your apartment, clothing or even a car.

Entertainment Hubs Husband Pods

4. Entertainment Hubs - First introduced in China in 2017, "Husband Pods" will populate most malls. Decked out in video games and movies, anyone bored at the mall will be able to escape the retail world, and enter a virtual one.

Malls Will Be Destinations

5. Malls Will Be Destinations - The primary focus of a mall won't be to actually buy things. Instead the mall will become a focal point of community gathering. Focusing on movies, gyms and other communal activities. Some experts suggest malls will be built around an attraction, like a roller coaster or concert venue. In fact, many malls might not have any stock on hand at all. But they will offer same day delivery or pickup. Amazon has disrupted the market, and experts suggest 25% of malls will close in the next 5 years. But if all this technology is utilized, mals may see a resurgence in popularity. will technology be able to save them?