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12 Products For People Who Love Beer

Bottoms Up Beer System

1. Bottoms Up Beer System - This beer dispenser pours a perfect pint from the bottom of your glass. When a cup is placed on the dispenser, a magnet lifts to let the beer flow. The system works with glass and plastic cups and pitchers.

Cooler Cannon

2. Cooler Cannon - This cooler tosses you a cold one. It's remote control operated and powered by a rechargeable battery. It's spring loaded lever can shoot each can up to 8 feet!

Suzy Beer Mitt

3. Suzy Beer Mitt - This is a mitten koozie. It will keep your hands warm and your beer cold. It's perfect for tailgating!

Pop the Top Automatic Bottle Opener

4. Pop the Top Automatic Bottle Opener - It pops the tops of beer bottles right off. Just push down and pop!


5. HopfenHohle - It's a beer cooler that's hidden underground. It can be installed on any lawn or terrace and can hold up to 15 beers.


6. SpinChill - It's a device that spins warm beer to cool it down. It can be used on both cans and bottles.

Thompson Woodworks Chair Beer Dispenser

7. Thompson Woodworks Chair Beer Dispenser - It's a chair that dispenses beer. The chair has a holding chamber big enough for 12 beers. Just lift the lever and BAM!


8. Hopii - It's a device that lets you brew your own beer from home. You can choose between 12 different craft beers.


9. Sixoverone - It's a bottle opener that can open six beers at once. It's a quick and easy option for opening a six pack.

Fizzics Waytap

10. Fizzics Waytap - It's a personal beer tap that uses sound waves to make beer foamy.

11. GrOpener - It's a device that lets you grab and open beer with one hand.

Stubby Strip

12. Stubby Strip - It's a beer carrier that also acts as a small cooler. It can hold up to seven beers at once.