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13 Travel Gadgets That Will Make Your Flight Easier

Mountain Buggy Bagrider

1. Mountain Buggy Bagrider - This suitcase turns into a baby stroller. It makes travelling with infants easier.

Mon Pere Travel Pillow

2. Mon Pere - This travel pillow bends to support your head in any position.

Head Case Suitcase Cover

3. Head Case - It's a personalized luggage cover with your face on it. Easily spot your suitcase at baggage claim.

HushMe Voice Mask For Smartphones

4. HushMe - This is bluetooth headset designed to mask your voice. It keeps your phone conversations private.


5. Memobottle - It's a flat, reusable bottle that fits neatly in your bag. Fill it up once you're through security.

Mahabis Slippers

6. Mahabis Slippers - They have detachable and interchangeable soles.

Wool & Oak 6-in-1 bag

7. Wool & Oak 6-in-1 bag - This bag can change in size depending on your needs.

NodPod Sleep Travel Solution

8. NodPod - This face pillow keeps your head from falling forward and getting neck cramps.

Rolo Travel Bag

9. Rolo Travel Bag - This roll-up bag is 15x smaller than a rolling suitcase when empty. Its made for short trips and minimalist travelers.

Prong PWR Case

10. Prong PWR Case - This iPhone case plugs into the wall. It's also a portable charger to keep your phone going.

Barracuda Bag

11. Barracuda Bag - It's a collapsible suitcase that shrinks to four inches. It also has several features to keep your travels productive.

Soarigami Portable Armrest Divider

12. Soarigami - The divider gives you more arm space on the plane. It folds flat to fit into any carry on.

BauBax Travel Jacket

13. BauBax - This jacket has eight pockets for all your essentials. The hood holds a neck pillow that inflates in seconds.