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The Shoe That Grows - GroFive Expandals

Expandals The Shoe That Grows

These shoes can grow up to five sizes. They are called The Shoe That Grows and they have three adjusting parts. The front can grow, the sides allow the shoe to expand and the back adjusts for the heel. Kenton Lee came up with the idea while living in Kenya.

He spotted a girl with shoes too small for her feet. Walking barefoot can be dangerous. Soil transmitted diseases are a problem in developing countries. 1.5 billion people suffer from such diseases. Kenton went away and tried to find a solution to this problem.

GroFive Expandals

He partnered with charity Because International and he finished the shoe in 20112. It has since been distributed all around the world and they were handed out in over 100 countries. Over 1,75,000 children were given a pair.

Children usually outgrow shoes within a year. These are built to last at least five years. After a lot of commercial interest in the shoes, the team saw an opportunity to help more children. Expandals are now commercially available to buy. You can pre-order a pair on Kickstarter for $40. For every pair bought, a pair of the Shoe That Grows will be donated and distributed near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.