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Robots and Machines That Revolutionized The Agriculture Industry


FarmBot: This open source CNC farming machine lets you have a fully automated garden in your backyard.


FFRobotics: Fruit-picking can be cost effective and bruise free thanks to this robotic hand.


See&Spray: This machine uses AI and image recognition software to identify weeds and make precise spraying.

Ladybird: This solar electric powered vehicle drives autonomously and collects data from across the farm to increase productivity.


Ecorobotix: This four wheeled weed killing robot uses 20 times less herbicide than conventional methods.

Swadro 2000

Swadro 2000: The giant center delivery rake can cover up to 20 hectares per hour.

Study 2020

Study 2020: This 20 row harvester attachment can greatly maximize adequate working width.

Dewulf GBC

Dewulf GBC: This 1 row trailed harvester is perfect for lifting carrots, turnips and red beets.

CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial: This concept autonomous tractor is truly independent and driverless.


Arcusin: This automatic bale loader helps fasten the process of filed cleaning and lorry loading.

Oxbo 6420

Oxbo 6420: This super high density olive harvester specially designed for harvesting, cleaning and conveying olives.

Moty KE 3000: This machine harvests pumpkin seeds using a massive spiked wheel and a four part drum.

DOT Power Platform

DOT Power Platform: This mobile diesel powered platform can do over 100 jobs in the farm.

Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder

Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder: This machine achieves excellent row following using a cutting edge video image analysis method to identify crops.

Clean Seed CX6 Smart Seeder

Clean Seed CX-6 Smart Seeder: This wireless smart seeder can deliver up to six products independently.

Strawberry Picking Robot

Strawberry Picking Robot: This fully autonomous robot can pick and strawberries as gently as a human hand would.

Expand R5090

Expand R5090: This machine can harvest up to 1200 tress a day by shaking them.

Valtra tractor and Baselier

Valtra tractor and Baselier: This Valtra tractor combined with Baselier creates perfectly shaped rows of dirt.