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Freak Storm Hits India

Freak Storm Hits India

A violent dust storm tore through northern India killing at least 100 people. 800 mph winds and rain uprooted trees, cut power and killed livestock. The storm struck at night and killed many in their sleep. People were buried under their collapsed mud homes.

Dust storms are not unusual in northern India. But a storm on this scale and the resulting death toll have been described by a meteorologist as a "freak incident."

Shivam Lohia Alwar Hotel Owner said "I haven't seen such a devastating storm in at least 25 years. It was a nightmare."

Scientists associate the increase of storms with global warming. Venkatesh Dutta Associate professor at BBAU said "Thunderstorms, flash floods and heat waves are likely to increase in future and their intensity will be more visible in northern India."

People are now bracing for another thunderstorm forecast to hit soon.