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UNESCO : Villa Romana del Casale

UNESCO Villa Romana del Casale

This luxurious estate in the Sicilian countryside dates back to the late Roman empire. Built between the 3rd and 4th century, it remains on of the most valuable historical and artistic sites connected to the late Imperial age. It has survived earthquakes, floods, fires, and the fall of the empire with its impressive collection of mosaics intact.

The building has an intricate layout with more than 50 rooms and a sumptuous bath complex. A mudslide in the 12th century preserved the mosaics adorning nearly every room. The site was rediscovered and excavated beginning in the 19th century, uncovering more than 37,000 square feet of mosaic flooring, as well as wall mosaics, statues, and other decorative elements.

UNESCO Villa Romana del Casale

A restoration of the mosaics and murals was completed in 2012, and the site remains one of the finest collections of Roman tile work in the world. Today, the site is open to visitors who come to explore its architectural and artistic legacy, and has become on of the most famous tourist attractions in Sicily.