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Royal Family's Rules for Eating

Queen Mother

The royal fam has some insane eating habits. Former royal chef, Darren McGrady gave us all the details. hey used to lie to the Queen Mother about what time dinner was because she was always late. "They used to tell her that dinner was at 8:15.. and they told everyone else 8:30," explains McGrady.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana refused to eat red meat. "The only red meat she would eat was lamb and that was even when she was entertaining." Princess Diana secretly ate the low fat version of the meals her guests were enjoying. When President Reagan came to visit, he ate mousse made with mayo and sour cream. THe Princess had the fat free version, but no one knew the difference.

Prince harry and prince william loved fast food. "They were Royal princes but had children's plates."

Princess Diana was on a very strict diet while she recovered strict diet while she recovered from bulimia. "One day she said to me, 'Darren i want you to take care of all the fats and i'll take care of the carbs at the gym."

The Queen liked to choose her menus "three or more days" in advance. At meals, Prince Philip dressed down so much that he got mistaken for a gardener. The Queen love dark chocolate, but refuses to eat garlic. "She had the smell of it, she hated the taste of it." The Queen eats a very simple breakfast. "Some Kellogg's cereal from a plastic container, which she'd serve herself and some Darjeeling tea." Royals, they're just like us.