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Mind Blowing Science Kit By Scientific Explorer

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Scientific Explorer's mind blowing science kit makes it possible to create your very own science lab at home. This smartly designed science kit allows young scientists to perform several amazing science experiments that range from erupting a color changing volcano to growing colorful jiggly crystals.

Young scientists will learn about basic principles behind science including the difference between acids and bases and how to use a test tube and a pipette.

Mind Blowing Science Kit

In the mind blowing science kit you'll find vegetable oil, citric acid, corn starch, baking soda, cross linked polyacrylamide, red cabbage powder, three color tablets, three test tubes, three plastic cups, two cotton swabs, two measuring scoops, two sticks, a test tube stand, one pipette and instructions for eleven different amazing science experiments.

Kids will amaze their friends as they explore the science behind these truly remarkable reactions. The my first mind blowing science kit is recommended for ages four and up. Some adults supervision required.