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American Chicken Export To Effect Indian Poultry Industry

American Chicken Export

The govt has made specific changes in the requirement for health certification of poultry products from US. It will now be easier for American poultry products (chicken legs) to enter the Indian market. This could affect the Indian poultry industry, since American chicken legs are cheaper in comparison.

US will strip the Indian poultry industry off of 40% profit. Earlier, India had kept restrictions to keep diseases like flu in check. In 2015, WTO ruled the restrictions unauthentic and unscientific and asked them to be removed. In 2016, the Animal Husbandry Dept amended rules further after US threatened India with penalty.

American companies export chicken legs to other countries since Americans prefer chicken breast and while meat. While for consumers in India chicken legs might get cheaper, this will be a blow to the poultry industry.