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Amazon Key - Keyless Entry, Guest Access and In-Home Delivery

Amazon Key

Prime members can now take convenience one step further with free in home delivery from Amazon Key. With Amazon key just shop on Amazon and select the in-home delivery option at checkout. We'll notify you when the delivery is about to happen. If your plans have changed just let us know and we'll leave it on your doorstep. 

Amazon Key In-Home Delivery

Amazon will authorize the delivery and unlock your door so your package can be placed just inside. You can watch the delivery live or see a video of it later. We'll notify you once the delivery is complete and your doors relocked and you can enjoy the moments you don't want to miss.

 To get started purchase the Amazon key in home kit which includes the Amazon Cloud cam indoor security camera and a compatible smart lock for secure worry free access. Then download the Amazon Key App and install the kit yourself or have it installed by a pro. Now your important Amazon packages will be waiting inside your home. 

You can also grant guests access to the people you trust like your house cleaner, dog walker or visiting family. So you can stop leaving a key under the mat and always know when someone's coming or going. Whether you're working playing or just out and about make life a little easier with guest access and free in-home delivery from Amazon Key.