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Self Driving Slippers - Nissan ProPilot

Self Driving Slippers Nissan ProPilot

Fans of autonomous footwear, rejoice. Nissan has heard your pleas, and bestowed us with self driving slippers. The slippers could come in handy in this traditional Japanese inn, But it's the underlying technology which Nissan is really showing off.

Nissan ProPilot

The star of the show is Nissan's ProPilot self driving system. This is the same tech that drives the 2018 semi autonomous Leaf. Because few cars are autonomous on today's roads. ProPilot does only simple jobs for Leaf drivers staying in lane, keeping space between cars, and cruise control.

In a couple of years, ProPilot could fully take over human driver jobs. These same algorithms can easily drive slippers or office chairs. Just another practical advertisement for Nissan. Shoes and chairs with motorized wheels may or may not be the future. but the underlying tech will touch all of our lives.