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Scores Take Part In 5K Run At Lakkaram Tank In Khammam

Lakaram Tank In Khammam

Khammam town wore a new look on Sunday with a 5K Run on Lakaram Tank. All the roads in the town led to Lakaram tank. People from all walks of life participated with enthusiasm. Film actors Srikant, Uthej, Srinivasa Reddy, Hema and others added energy to the programme by wishing the participants and cheering them all along. Students of all colleges and schools came on the roads and ran to Tank Bund of Khammam at Lakaram Tank. From five year- old kids to 80-year-old elders everyone took part with cheer and energy.

Revenue and police officials also took part in the run. The entire Wyra Road and Lakaram tank was packed to capacity with people of all age groups. The 5K run was flagged off by the minister for roads and buildings T. Nageswara Rao and MP P Srinivasa Reddy and MLA P Ajay Kumar were in attendance.

5K Run At Lakaram Tank In Khammam
Film actors cheering the participants of 5K run in Khammam on Sunday.

The government wants to set up a Hyderabad like Tank Bund in Khammam. As part of it, the Lakaram tank was developed and 2,500 feet walking track is also being made there Film actor Srikanth said, "Such runs l energise us and give a new lease of life besides making for a fit trim body.