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New Master Plan For Nizamabad

New Master Plan For Nizamabad

After four decades, a master plan of Nizamabad municipal corporation ill get complete changes as per future quirements. residential, commercial and industrial localities, widening of roads, storm water drainages sanitation, drinking water supply and setting up of street lights and other facilities will be provided as per the changes of the plan.

There are a lot of changes in Nizamabad as the town is spreads over a 10 km radius. Apartment culture has increased as people prefer community living in accessible places across the town. In this context, Nizamabad MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha, urban MLA Bigala Ganesh Gupta have taken an initiative to change the master plan of the town.

A private firm completed the process of proposals and submitted the same to the municipal corporation. After a discussion with people from various fields, officials have forwarded the revised master plan to the director of municipal administration. If it came into existence, construction activity in and around Nizamabad will change.

Bypass roads will also be laid to overcome traffic snarls in the town. Municipal corporators are eagerly awaiting the changed master plan as it would pave way for systematic development in municipal divisions. Presently, people are suffering a lot as several industrial areas have been converted into residential areas.
Due to the existing plan, building owners are forced to violate norms to construct houses.

In addition, Nizamabad urban development authority will also bring changes in the town development. Around 63 villages will come under NUDA limits for urban development. Meanwhile, 13 villages in Nizamabad outskirts will also be merged with the municipality.