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New AI System Can Train Robots For Armies

New AI System Can train Robots For Armies

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence technique that will teach robots and computer programmes to interact with a human instructor and perform tasks for the army.

Researchers at the US Army Research Laboratory and the University of Texas at Austin considered a specific case where a human provides real time feedback in the form of critique.

First introduced by researchers as training an agent manually via Evaluative Reinforcement (TAMER), the team developed a new algorithm called deep TAMER.

Many current techniques in AI require robots to interact with their environment for extended periods of time to learn how to optimally per form a task.

It is an extension of TAMER that uses deep learning algorithms that are loosely inspired by the brain to provide a robot the ability to learn how to perform tasks by viewing video streams in a short amount of time with a human trainer.

Within the next one to two years, researchers are interested in exploring the applicability of their newest technique in a wider variety of environments, like video games other than Atari Bowling and additional simulation environments.

The team considered situations where a human teaches how to behave by observing it and providing critique, like "good job" or "bad job".