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Moduga Flowers Paint Forest Red In Adilabad

Moduga Flowers Paint Forest Red In Adilabad

Forests wear a beautiful look with Moduga flowers in the Talamadugu mandal in the Adilabad district

Moduga flowers in the forest are much in demand before the onset of Holi. Even today, Adivasis prepare colours from these flowers, The flowers are boiled in water and then squeezed to extract bright red colour Youngsters visit the forest to pluck the flowers and admire their beauty. Many pose against the plants and take selfies which is put on social networking sites and as profile picture.

Adivasis celebrate bhogi and Jagai Mathere in connection with Holi festival in a traditional way. They burn the old baskets and other items made of bamboo during bhogi. The demand for natural colours has increased after people realised the harmful effects of chemical based colours.