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5 Things To Do At Hippie Island

5 Things To Do At Hippie Island

This hidden island in India is home to more foreigners than Indians. Hippie Island in Hampi is where you'll find a multitude of hippie bag packers. Take part in drum circles, dread lock making, music sessions and more.

1. Relax at The Laughing Buddha - This place give you the chill vibes for a great sundown or a sit down with friends. Sit facing the ruins and temples of Hampi, while you sip on beer or watch the sun go down!

2. Shop for inexpensive hippie garments - Find some of the most beautiful painted psychedelic print skirts and shirts. Blend in the island culture with flow hippie dresses or harems.

3. Take home unique musical instruments - There are a myriad of wind and string instruments you will definitely find here. From the djembe, to flutes to versions of ektara, pick an instrument crafted to perfection.

4. Scout for leather goods - Most of this stuff is handmade and just the right size for a traveler to pack into their bags!

5. Shop for dream catchers and jewelry -  Handmade dream catches and vintage metal jewelry are worth buying here! Venture to this hippie side of Hampi and make your trip even more 'dope'!