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$11K Smart Toilet - Neorest NX2

Smart Toilet Neorest NX2

This smart toilet costs $11K because Neorest NX2 has a bunch of crazy features. For example, the lid will open automatically as you approach and the seat will also instantly heat. There's a built in aerated water cleanse that will clean you off and there's even a warm air dryer.

The Neorest NX2 never has to be manually cleaned, that's because a built in ultraviolet light does this job for you. It will break down and deodorize anything stuck to the bowl. In the future, how high tech will we see our bathrooms become?

Neorest NX2 has many automated functions that keep your everyday life clean and comfortable. Here are the list list of automated functions Auto Open/Close Lid, Auto Flush, Instant Heated Seat, Deodorizer and Soft Light. Constantly at work, automated technologies keep surfaces hygienic and maintain a place that is always inviting and comfortable to use.