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Teach Your Child To Share

Young children have difficulty in sharing. This is more common in the present generation. Being a single child and living in a nuclear family all the comforts and attention is enjoyed by the child and the child doesn't know what sharing is? Parents need to teach them to grow up as a generous person.

Children establish their separate identity at the age of two or three and the words like 'mine' and ''ll do it myself are used by them. The ability to form strong attachments is important for being an emotionally healthy person. But, today's children don't like to share anything, especially eatables and toys. Such tendencies lead them to grow into selfish individuals.

Sharing develops empathy, the ability to understand other's viewpoint. Parents have to condition them to do so.

A child may reserve a few precious possessions just for himself. So respect the child's rights. Create attitudes and environment that encourage a child to share. Watch your child in a group play. If your child is always the grabber, tell him that other kids will not play with him. If he's the victim, teach him to say "no."

Children imitate their elders, if they see elders sharing, they too learn to share. Tell them that sharing is a normal way of life and sharing spreads joy. Teach children the value of sharing through games, traits like humour, fairness, honesty, generosity, obedience and sensitivity.