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Floating Tents Near Mumbai - Moonstone Hammock

Floating Tents Moonstone Hammock

You can now spend a night inside a floating tent near Mumbai. Moonstone Hammock in Karjat offers you a campaign experience you'll never forget! Spread across 5 acres, this dreamy place lets you live out your forest fantasy. Wake up to a wonderful view as you stay at a floating tent by the riverside (Rs 3,490/-).

You can also stay at ground tents (Rs 2,890) or hanging tents (Rs 3,190). Play games, enjoy kite flying, or take a go on the hand made swing. Kayak you way to happiness or indulge in group activities with your friends! Surrender yourself to nature at this lovely destination.

Hang your worries on a hammock and head a perfect camping getaway. Once the sun sets, a live band will keep your entertained. Unwind the old school way and sing along to melt all your worries.