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Top 7 Breakthroughs Of 2017

Artificial Womb 2017

1. Artificial Womb - A Uterus like biobag kept a premature, developing lamb alive at 23 weeks old. A breakthrough that might save premature babies in the future.

2. First Gene Edited Embryo - A one cell embryo was edited using crispr tools, proving it's an effective method for correcting defective genes in embryos.

Gene Edited Human Body 2017

3. Gene Edited Human Body - A 44 year old man had his genome edited to treat hunter syndrome. If successful this could change the way we treat illnesses.

New Quantum Particles 2017

4. New Quantum Particles - The world of quantum physics expanded as researchers discovered. 5 new particles using the Large Hadron Collider.

Quantum Communication 2017

5. Quantum Communication - Messages were sent using quantum cryptography, as we progress towards a future with quantum internet.

Reusable Rockets 2017

6. Reusable Rockets - Spacex successful launch using a recycled Falcon 9 Rocket proved that the future of space exploration is cheaper than today.

Trappist Exoplanets 2017

7. Trappist Exoplanets - 7 planets in one solar system have been found to be potentially habitable. Raising the possibility of extraterrestrial life.