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Top 5 River Surfing Locations In U.S.

Lunch Counter Jackson Wyoming

1. Lunch Counter: Jackson, Wyoming - Lunch Counter gives skilled riders the opportunity for minutes long carving sessions.

River Run Park Sheridan Colorado

2. Sheridan, Colorado - The artificial waves at River Run Park can be tailored to each days particular flow rate.

Brennans Wave Missoula Montana

3. Brennan's Wave: Missoula Montana - Brennan's wave is a man made wave on the clark fork river that delights kayakers and surfers alike.

Glove and The Right Glenwood Springs, Colorado

4. The Glove and The Right: Glenwood Springs, Colorado - This artificial wave, created on the colorado river, is part of the Glenwood springs Whitewater Park.

Lochsa Pipeline Lowell, Idaho

5. Lochsa Pipeline: Lowell, Idaho - Pipeline, nestled in a canyon on the Lochsa river, is cheekly named after the infamous pipeline wave in Hawaii.