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Difference Between Oral And Silent Reading

Oral And Silent Reading

Keeping in view the manner we read, Reading can be divided into 1. Oral Reading 2. Silent Reading

Oral Reading (OR) Reading Aloud - Reading aloud is barking at print

1. Oral reading is meant for early stages.
2. It extracts word-sound association.
3. It is aimed at developing speech with correct pronunciation, stress and intonation.
4. In oral Reading students proceed in the following manner as explained.
Symbol (Written Word), Sound (Spoken Word), Sense (Meaning)
5. Oral reading provides auditory training.

Silent Reading - Silent reading is for pleasure and profit.

1. Silent Reading is reading completely in silence without moving lips
2. It aims at improving eye- span (No. of words eyes take at one jump)
3. Silent Reading helps the learners to develop the abilities like finding the main ideas, answering Questions, summarising, predicting, critically examining etc.., (Deboer and Dallmann)
4. Silent reading is both an end and means in reading.

5. It is an individualised reading