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AR Biker Glasses - Everysight Raptor

AR Biker Glasses Everysight Raptor

These AR glasses are helping pro-bikes see better on the road. Everysight Raptor glasses make you feel like you're in a virtual world. They project your speed and other data as you ride. The glasses project the data right into the lens making it seem like the dashboard is 6ft in front of you. Meaning you don't have to look down or glance at another device.

AR Biker Glasses Everysight Raptor

The glasses also give you feedback on your positioning and indicate when you get too close to another vehicle or object. The dashboard is capable of displaying elevation and gives directions. It's as if you're driving in a car. The glasses also have a microphone that records your breathing sounds. So when athletes upload their recorded ride online., it becomes a more immersive experience for viewers.