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3 Second Toothbrush - Unico Smartbrush

3 Second Toothbrush Unico Smartbrush

Get a shiny white grin with this 3 second teeth cleaning device. The Unico Smartbrush cleans your teeth instantly. All you need to do is bite down on the mouthpiece and in 3 seconds, your mouth is clean and fresh. The patented smartbrush looks more like a mouthguard but the shape makes it easier for recharging as well as full mouth cleaning.

3 Second Toothbrush Unico Smartbrush

The inside is lined with 22 ultra sonic electric brush heads. So every surface of every tooth is cleaned. The device also distributes toothpaste, so your tongue also gets a minty fresh feel. Once you've finished brushing, you can plug it in a dock to charge. It also uses UV light to disinfect after each use. The device could save you time in the morning or at night and that's something to smile about.