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Telangana State To Set Up Grama Pragathi Bhavans

After the distribution of the KCR kits to pregnant women, it's now time for the construction of KCR Grama Pragathi Pranganam (on the lines of the Pragathi Bhavan in Hyderabad) for the gram panchayats in the state. The bhavan will have the Telangana emblem and its map at the top.

The state government is promoting welfare schemes and naming them after Chief Minister K. Chandra sekhar Rao, to reach out to people and make them remember these schemes for a long time, such as schemes named after the late prime minister Indira Gandhi.

It is said that the ruling government wants to show people that these villages are on the path of development with the construction of KCR Grama Pragathi Pranganams and are progressing on various fronts in the Telangana state. Also, they want to leave their brand behind.

Each KCR Grama Pragathi Pranganam is being constructed at a cost of 20 lakh in all gram panchayats. The state government has released the design of model of the KCR Grama Pragathi Pranganams to be taken up in GPs in the state.

The state government wants to complete the construction of the KCR Grama Pragathi Pranganams, before the next elections This is for the villagers to know about the asset that was created for the people of the village, by the ruling TRS government.

A district officer of Sircilla said that effort were being made to lay the foundation stone for the KCR Grama Pragathi Pranganams. He said that they want to complete this as early as possible, on the instructions of the state government.